Discount code activated but still card got debited without it

Hello ,

I just subscribed to the investor plan today and currently on Trial period .
I applied a valid 10% discount code and the checkout page also showed that the discount is applied .
But , my card was still charged the full amount without this discount .
The site doesnt seem to have any Phone or email support and the i did not get any response from the chat request for more than 4 hours .
Can some one help me resolve this ?
My plan will move to yearly plan next week after the trial period and the site still shows the amount to be charged without the 10% discount .

Hoping to get the resolved before my trial period ends . Iā€™d hate to cancel the subscription but if this doesnt get resolved , I would have to .

Kind Regards,

Hi Siran, it looks like we got this resolved for you. Correct?

Hello Chase ,

Yes , it is resolved now . Thanks for helping out .

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Glad to have the issue resolved.