DeFi Projects To Watch For 2020 and Beyond

Apologies to everyone for such a lazy question, but can someone please list 5 top DeFi projects with huge potential that I should look into and carry out some further research on?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t want to quote the newsletter but…the list they provided is fairly accurate. On a personal note I have had 2x (and more) profit on the DeFi projects listed below. Buying during the dip is recommended. That way you don’t take an “L” like I did when I brought Compound at $200.

LEND (Aave)
UMA (Uniswap Token)
KNC (Kyber Network)
SNX (Synthetics)
REN (Ren)

Thank you. This is really helpful!

Glad to help. Success with your trades.

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Hi All
Unitrade (TRADE) will be Massive!