DeFi Alternatives

I’ve been following the development of DeFi for awhile now. Although ETH platforms like Uniswap,, Synthetics, and the rest are popular. There are some DeFi alternatives that you can use to stake for high yield. Here are two that I’m currently using that both have dApp’s and a growing ecosystem.

First is IoTex (IOTX). They 're the Internet of Trusted Things. This company has a working product on Amazon, has DeFi platforms (,, staking, and a NFT minter ( Their ecosystem ( seems to be growing rapidly in 2021.

The second is Tron (TRX). Tron is an old coin that I’ve had since 2018. Recently I’ve discovered Tron’s DeFi platforms. I’m staking my TRX at ( and providing liquidity in the JUST/TRX pool at ( Just CDP is the Maker DAO of the Tron ecosystem. Ironically the JUST tokens I’m staking were an airdrop from Binance. I discovered Tron’s Defi platforms while researching a way to use them.

If you’re looking for high yield in Defi outside of the ETH ecosystem I recommend looking into both.