David ICKE on London real

Did anyone watch David ICKE on London Real? He said the top 1% wants a cashless economy. Would that mean Crypto is the future?

What are your thoughts?

Possibly, but at the moment there aren’t many cryptocurrencies out here that are operating efficiently as a peer to peer cash/currency system. So it’s still a little too early to tell if a cashless economy will result in a positive future for cryptocurrencies as a whole…

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I feel like once the US goes all digital like China is starting to, many people will find it easier to transition to Bitcoin and other Cryptos. Especially once they find out they have more freedom from surveillance, and more anonymity.

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Crypto is definitely the future because of Corona Virus. It makes sense to not carry cash because cash can transmit virus. Future would be cashless economy and future kids wouldn’t be happy to carry cash.

Bitcoin is the best asset and will stay as best asset for the future.