Curious about 30 day price prediction

So, I’m curious as to how a coin with a high monthly TM grade can have a negative 30 day price prediction? According to the HELP docs:

A token with the highest daily, weekly, or monthly TM grade is the token that our models predict will have the highest ROI should you buy it right and hold it for a day, week, or month, respectively.

However, at the time of this writing, WBTC has a grade of 87.1 but a 30 day price prediction of -17.38%. Yet right below it, Terra, has an 86.6 grade and a +27.12% price prediction. Can someone please explain?

TM team will need to refine the system more so that it’s 95-100% perfect and always profitable If the TM grade scores it 85 and above…

So from your question, I assume there are lapses.

I experienced TM on a 14 days trial months ago.

They use different metrics/models, if you search “Price Predictions vs Monthly TA Trends” in the help sections itll explain it to you. They believe TA trends are more accurate.

Will do. Thanks. :+1: