Confused about the May - Sept (Buy/Sell) messages and market state from TM

I listened to the explanation in the live stream around sell in May and go away, but I have also heard Bill talk about taking profits and getting out of the market for memorial day (5/31)… I am now confused on general direction… is TM saying selective trading in May and then sell on 5/31?

It also sounds like summer is low volume for crypto markets, so what exactly does TM project for the market in June - Sept as so many conflicting theory.

In the legacy markets (I have a similar background in professional banking, just in the UK) the jokey phrase “sell in May and go away, come back on St ledgers day” was an old proverb where investors would sell up in the Spring and go away on holiday, so an absence of buyers over the key summer months meant it would go quiet. In the financial markets, summer is still a very low volume time, traditionally July/Aug in the UK the financial services are quiet. I think all Bill means with his update, is proceed with caution from this point in, the greatest period of growth - is in the run up to a crash, so even though there is money to be made - take profits, be sensible. Nobody knows where the top of the market is, but don’t get caught out! It’s not a implicit suggestion that we will hit the top in May.

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