Chamath Palihapitiya

Anyone read the annual letter by Social Capital? And anyone share the views shared here by Chamath? I think he seems a changer in effect of these modern times - see also his interview with Bloomberg.

For anyone who doesn’t know him Btw: he is a billionaire, started in Silicon Valley with some small companies to later join Facebook after meeting ‘Zuck’ at a party. Left in 2011 a rich man - and started doing his own thing. He is big on investing in education and climate change. Btw, his homeruns were: Slack, Yammer etc.

Lets start sharing views on this guy and how he is changing investing. To keep it a bit Token Metrics related :joy:: he is very much pro Bitcoin (more as a hedge though).


I haven’t read his annual letter but have watched his interviews. A lot of his thoughts and analysis make sense but can be abrasive. :sweat_smile:

Here is an example.


Yes this is an excellent example of what I mean. I think it is a worthwhile read Btw, try to come around to it. Here is the link:

I hope more people look into this and we can have a good debate on his views for the future. Also the recent Marc Andreessen post:

Personally, I don’t really trust anything a ‘billionaire’ with a hedge fund or venture capital firm says in public. They are either not telling the whole truth about their plans or views on certain industries or sectors, or doing the exact opposite behind closed doors.

His response to questions around bitcoin are also very vague. In an interview recently with Anthony Pompliano, he claimed that he once owned about 5% of all bitcoins but that he currently no longer ‘owns’ any bitcoin himself without clearly stating whether or not he sold all of it, or simply just transferred ownership of it to a separate company.

So like with anything else, I would take his and any other ‘billionaire’s’ views with a pinch of salt and ultimately refer back to your own judgement whilst using reliable data and information to inform any investment decisions you make.


Thank you very much for your response. Putting the obvious aside - never trust a billionaire with a hedge fund who has his own targets to make - what about the world view he is describing and any relation to reality you see. That is more of the underlying request for debate here. Because even though it is somewhat shocking - it is different from mainstream hedge guys

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In my opinion, world views and investment views go hand in hand. Your world views have an influence on your long term investment decisions and so I take the position that neither of these views shared publicly can be trusted.

Can you elaborate more on that part ‘world views and investment views go hand in hand - and thus neither shared publicly can be trusted’ ?

I mean the basic sharing he did was invest in culture / Education / climate change etc. Which is not a weird one in these times.

Would you reckon what Ray Dalio - another big billionaire, arguably bigger and more experienced - is sharing now with the world on his views for coming period (change of world order I believe he calls it) is another one that cannot be trusted as he shares it publicly?

I believe that is a pretty much limiting belief. I do think there is wealth of true knowledge in reading as many of these views and of course always making your own judgement. But the mechanics of economy as Ray has on numerous ocassions shared show a pretty clear truth

Again naming the billionaire himself as the topic is just to provoke more enthousiast discussions here on such world views. So I am no way advocating that every reply should be based merely on the name this topic carries. I hope it helps

You are entitled to believe in any of the views these guys share with the world. There is nothing at all wrong with this. I just said that personally, I don’t take any views shared by ‘billionaires’ that seriously, even if I share the same views/opinions based on what they have said or done.

I will have to process this :wink: thanks

Chamath is definitely one of the smartest people on the planet. He is a believer in Bitcoin.
He got into bitcoin in 2013. At one time he had almost 5% of bitcoins. I believe he is going to be next Warren Buffet.

Guys watch this on youtube (Look at these interview guys about the opinion of bitcoin.)
“Chamath Palihapitiya: I Am A Buffett ‘Disciple’ But He’s Wrong About Bitcoin | CNBC”


I became a fan of Chamath Palihapitiya after this statement. With his funny humor and contraversies, he is one of the assertive person on the planet.

"Chamath Palihapitiya, founder and CEO of investment firm Social Capital, said the U.S. shouldn’t be bailing out billionaires and hedge funds during the coronavirus pandemic.

He also added that he was concerned that the Federal Reserve’s plans to support to economy during the COVID-19 crisis are going to have consequences, and it would have been better to just give more money to Americans"