ChainLink About to Dump?

What are people doing with LINK? The predictions are bearish 4 weeks. Planning to convert to USDCoin or something similar and buy back when it drops alot lower

This was yesterdays prediction: (but now its changed alot for the worse)

  • increase to $20.50 by 20th Aug and then dump all the way down to $13 in 30 days

However this is todays prediction:

  • its already dumped, and may recover to $18 by the 20th and then fall to $10 in 30 days

There was a dump over night, looking like some recovery

Any ideas as to what’s happening here?

Mainly, i want to get out on a high, and buy back on the cheap

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“Mainly, i want to get out on a high, and buy back on the cheap”
Good luck with that.
In the cryptoshpere, that is the definition of someone that loses money because its simply not possible. Link, or any crypto, can run further than you ever imagined, especially in the powerful bull markets.
Take out your seed money and let the rest ride.
Develop a plan to take 25% off the table at 20 dollars, another 25% at 25.00, etc etc. This way you are capturing profits to reinvest at lower prices or to invest in other areas.

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I won’t be buying any right this moment, the market changes fast of course but at the moment it’s bearish. The predictions are AI based and so change everyday (i think) so I won’t think I will buy in 30 days at $10 because chances are a lot will change by then.
Michigander advice is solid though about taking profits.

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thanks! yes, i’ve seen Link as a hopeful ‘run further than ever imagined’

admittedly, i got a little scared by the predicted drop to $10, so thought pull out and get back in soon. A tad of an emotive decision!!! :frowning:

i’m looking to cash in and out now at a dollar average.

thanks! yes, I signed up yesterday and saw the accuracy of predictions/actual. Now, on day 2, I see the predictions change each day, 90% accuracy may sound good, but can easily be misinterpreted. Definately be looking at the price predictions with a pinch of salt and seeing how they unfold.

However, i’m grateful as i got out at £14 (my average buy in was £2.50), looking to get back in again so I’ll keep researching.

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