Can't add coins to my watch list & no uk currency option

How do i add coins to my watchlist , also i need to change the currency to uk & the drop down menu only list us dollars
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@Daraven666 Thank you for being a Token Metrics customer!

To add coins to your watchlist, hover over the “Portfolio” tab and select “Holdings”. At the top right of the new page there will be an option to “Add Investment”, which will allow you to input the specific Token, amount of tokens, date of investment, and also allow you to view % returns compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In regards to changing the currency, unfortunately at this time we only support the dollar denomination, however we will definitely look to expand that option going forward.

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Im trying to add to my watch list but can’t find any way of adding coins to it

Follow the steps above for the “Add Investment”. Once added, you can simply remove it from the “Holdings” section and it will show up in your “Watchlist”.