Can not signup for a plan during trial period?

I’m on my free 14 days, but like to upgrade so I can see the data on the ratings page which now only shows ‘upgrade to see more details’. The problem is that after I select a plan and fill in the credit card details that there’s no button to actually pay. It only shows a grayed out ‘start free trial’ button.

How can I pay and upgrade my plan during my free 14 days trial period?

It’s honestly a bit embarrassing how there’s no way to get support here. You guys don’t want my money? No ticket system, no one to email, and no response on the forum? How are you supposed to get support here for something that clearly doesn’t work?

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Try the telegram group I had a problem and the admin in the telegram group was amazing.

Hy my credit card has been rejected and I don’t have any 2 weeks test …
How can I contact you?