Can no longer see some alt coins

Hey all,

Currently on the investor plan.

Made a trade on UBT based on some price predictions and I wanted to go back and check out the price prediction chart to see if it had updated, but I’m getting a pay wall telling me to upgrade to see more.

Which is odd because I thought those on the investor plans could see price predictions for alt coins and I was able to view the PP for UBT just a week ago and now I’m getting an upgrade wall?

Anyone else had this?

As an investor you only get to see the first 100 coins. If your coin moves above 100 you will not be able to get info/statistics :frowning:
I have had the problem many times - very anoying
The most anoying thing is if a coin pups up as a suggested buy on the indicies, which they do often!
Think that these coins should be available for the investorsplan. It makes no sense to suggest a coins that you can not investigate. Make 2 indicies plans one for investores and one that covers the first 100 coins - just my openium

You need the more expensive plan to see ratings above 100 - unfortunately

Sorry for my spelling I am from Denmark :frowning:
Take care

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Ahh I see - yeah kind of annoying!

I was also wondering about this. I tried to look at all the coins on the indices and about half of them i couldnt find any info on.

@TrevorB, @haanh88, DOT features in the current Trader Weekly Price Prediction index: