Buying a coin with high rating and price prediction but then it drops what to do?

So STRONG was rated really high in the 90% and the price prediction was suppose to go up 50% or so. I bought it and then in a couple of days it went down 15% and now its 30 day price prediction is going to be like -20% now. What to do in this case? wait or get out? anyone having luck with trading these high ratings? I been loosing because I get in and then the price prediction changes. Any insights?

hey Tommy,
Im part of the community, I’ve noticed that the best thing to do is look at the total market cap before buying anything. For me if the coin doesn’t align with the total market cap I don’t purchase. Meaning if the total Mcap is down on the one minute but the coin is up then I stay away. Have you done your TA on strong. Have you been using Kucoin because I tried using them but I can’t put In the 6 digit code that is text to me. I will look at strong and tell you what I think. Not financial advice.

I don’t know where u u picked it up at but I’m seeing it should hit $431 and bounce back up on the 128m chart if you can hold out that long. It appears to be in the C wave so once it finds support you should be good. Im noticing that the whole market is due for a correction under the ratings for the next 30 days.

Yes I use Kucoin you should be able to just sign up with an email and phone number. I am looking at it right now and its price prediction is going to stay around in the 300$ for the next 30 days. But then probably next week it will have a price prediction probably in the 500$ very unstable how with a high rating again. I am not sure how to trade this if the price prediction and rating is in the 85+ and next week it falls.