neo has a few advantages over eth and other platforms as its unforkable, easy to update as seen with 3.0 and is also becoming gradually decentralized aswell as being compliant.
ontop of this projects are being built ontop of it such as nash which are decentralized .
neo is the perfect base to build on for any project

dbft is also far superior to pos or pow

Though Neo has few advantages over other blockchain, Adoption is more important than features for the price increase. As of now there are just 24 dapps in NEO platform where as ethereum has 1,892 Dapps and EOS has 500 dapps

Yeah, looks like EOS, ETH, and TRX lead the way. I always saw NEO as the Asian version of ETH and thought it would take over a while back. But I guess the developers know best:

Below is the website for all the dapp platforms…

Ethereum Ethereum Etherum – Its the clear winner as of now.

Ethereum platform will be trillion dollar platform once DEFI gets adopted by the mainstream.