Blind Investing

This month, of the 10 tokens that are recommended for purchase under the price prediction model, I cannot see or review 5 of those 10 without upgrading. If I only have access to 100 specific coins, you would think you would provide recommendations out of those 100 coins we can actually review? Its impossible to do your 3 point review when you cant see anything and we cant just invest blindly. There’s been too many coins under the price prediction models lately that have been flat to downward trending that I would never invest in, and that I’m equally surprised that you select them for the portfolio given their trend forecast.


Sorry for the inconvenience. I recommend investing in the portfolios fully because they are designed to work best when invested in as a whole. This is partially due to the correlation of tokens so that a loss in one token is offset by a gain in another token. I hope you find that helpful.

If I may continue the discussion, what you consider an inconvenience, I consider a problem. How can you expect me to blindly put money into a portfolio what I cant review the positions? I understand the corporate philosophy but that doesn’t resonate with anyone with any trading experience. For example,

Last month, 16 positions were recommended. I asked about the number of positons, it was a mistake, and it was fixed. This tells me no one is looking at or reviewing anything.

Last month, the price predictions of 3 of the 8 positions I could see were absolutely flat for the next month. How is it that that kind of performance earns a position in the monthly rotation. How can you expect me to invest in a coin that I cant see when I cant trust the coins I can see?

In the prior month, 3 of the 10 recommendations were all differing stablecoins. Since stable coins are intended to remain stable against currency and do not increase or decrease in value, why would the system suggest a position in USDC, USDT, and TUSD all for the same month instead of just moving into one stable coin? This makes no sense. Again is anyone looking? Or reviewing?

Going to the Ratings page, only 1 token is bullish and there are no very bullish yet you somehow auto generate a 10 position recommendation for the next month? Im sorry, but show me the data…oh…I cant see it.

The more I see, your “systems” don’t appear to be ready for prime time.

The indices originally included stablecoins because the volatility of the crypto markets required some stability at the time. I promise that a lot of these issues with the ratings and indices will be fixed when we release our new quant grades this month. The new grades will take over 1000 data points into account and will vastly improve our indices. That being said, I apologize for the seeming lack of attention to the indices page we are still working to improve all aspects of the business as we are still a new startup. We hope you continue to enjoy our service and stay a part of the Token Metrics family.