Black Friday Discount and Subscription / Showing Full Price to be debited

Good morning. Very happy to join the Tokenmetics community and take advantage of the black Friday discount. I signed up for the investor subscription. However, if I check my subscription in the profile section it shows the full $899 to be debited in seven days and NOT reflecting the black Friday discount. Can this be corrected pls? Thanks! Username:

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Having here the same issue. Hopfully it is just a visual bug. Also waiting for an answer from the support.

Same here. I signed up today and showing full price to be taken after the initial trial. Hopefully this is just a visual artifact the back end has the correct pricing.

Also having the same error, most probably will be updated later on during the next week, as they are having really busy period due to the sale but an update from TM will be good to clarify this issue.

Same issue here. have emailed support with no response

Hi, also same issue - no Black Friday discount…!!!
many thanks
Dave Forrest

I am the same issue also. I sent a request into support about this tonight.

@diaryofamademan can we pls have some update about this topic, i am sure that will be corrected but we all need some word from you that the team is aware of this issue.

thank you

Hi Frederik, thanks for being a Token Metrics customer.

Your account has the discount. You may check here.

If you have any issues contact

I also signed up with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal.

In looking at the receipt, it appears the 40% off was only for the $4.99 which makes it come down to $2.99. Therefore receiving the 40% discount already. I don’t believe it is going to take it off for the yearly subscriptions, as the next scheduled deduction for me, under the Investor Plan, is $899.99 for the year. Had I had the choice, I would have chosen to just start the plan directly, to receive the discount I assumed I was going to receive. (yeah I know what happens when assuming).

I was billed the full amount this morning $899.99 vs the 25% + 40% sale from Black Friday. The deduction was actually showing on the sales page and was not just for the trial. Its was showing something like $399. I have emailed support this morning to find out why they have billed the full amount and hopefully get a refund or I will cancel.

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I also have the same issue.

Same issue, discounts not applied, waiting for a response from the support team.

Has anyone received a response as I have heard nothing ?


Hello everyone, if your account did not receive the discount please contact support [at] and we will add it retroactively. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Ian, I have send 4 emails to support since 12/4 and no reply or action with regards to the wrong pricing. Can you check your emails folder and see if perhaps you have a spam folder as I dont know what else to do now as no reply.

I have now emailed support 5x since 12/4 and I have also emailed Ian direct and to date there has been no reply or even an acknowledgement of the problem. This is very poor customer support!

I have now contacted my credit card company to process an illegal payment as I did not authorize the full payment. This should have been a simple matter to clear up, that I think they are too busy making daily YouTube videos to even care about customers who have signed up.

I received an Email today that stated:

Sorry about that. I have just sent a partial refund of the difference between back to your card. You can expect those funds back in your account in 5-10 days. Thank you for your patience. Feel free to let us know if you have any more questions or comments.

Chase from Token Metrics

I am satisfied with that.

Thank you Tokenmetrics for following through!!!


Can you let me know the value of the refund so I can look for this in my account to make sure we are aligned?



Initial price: 899.99
Less 40%: 360.00
Final cost: 539.99

I am have no idea about any additional 25%. You would have to get clarification from Tokenmetrics.