Bitcoin in 2012/13 vs 2019/20

Are there any crypto OGs on this forum? It would be good to get your take on how the market is performing relative to how it did in the past. Is it much more manipulated now? Do any altcoins appear to have more potential for adoption than BTC did back in the day?

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May be Ian could respond to you

I definitely believe that shit alt coins won’t make 100x this time as opposed to 2017 bull run. I strongly believe that 10x - 50x profit would be a steal for any altcoins. If you are looking for 1000x alt coins, it would be very hard to find one.

Some of the Best alt coins that would be on a bull run with bitcoin is Ethereum, XRP, Cosmos, EOS, Tezos, ICX, ALGO, MakerDAO, HBAR, CRO, MCO, BNB, WAN and VET

I think it’s possible to get 100X returns by rebalancing the portfolio from time to time.

Definitely different from years ago. Now we have futures shorting, DeFi, lots of dilution with thousands more coins, greater on and off ramps into Crypto, etc. It’s going to be wild, but only one way to go in general; UP.

I’m just trying to be extra cautious with what platforms I get into, have exit strategies in place, and good risk management, and of course dollar cost averaging in.
In my opinion a good size of a portfolio should go to the large cap coins that will likely still be around in 5 years, and then the rest to speculative lower cap coins with good fundamentals.

I still think that LINK is going to keep moving up further since eventually everyone will want/need to use them. As well as exchange coins like BNB.

But yeah, as @crypto2 alluded to, it’s going to take more luck this time to pick a new 100x. Allot can boil down to advertising too.
Who knows, maybe TRX will do it with Justin Sun doing everything he can to shill it :sweat_smile:

Good luck everyone, and HODL on!

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