Bitcoin Halving spectations. What do you think?

From the 2nd halving in 2016 to the top of the 2017 price peak ($19,400), the Bitcoin price jumped around ~29X.

Prior to the last halving, Bitcoin is up 1,570% today and the next halving occurs in less than 40 days.

So, what do you think will happen?


There is a big probability of a slowly rise in BTC price in the coming years. However, right now (before and after the halvening) I suspect the price of bitcoin will remain steady or even decrease for a couple of months before starting to take off.

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I think short term it will be unpredictable but bullish in the long term. Historically speaking past halvings have had initial dumps or accumulation phases before taking off.


I have a feeling this one will be very different from the others due to the current uncertainty / instability in the legacy markets and the unfortunate ongoing pandemic.

A rise to about 11.6K right before the halving, then a slow decline in June followed by a new ATH at the end of this year. Long run, bullish of course.

However, as @dazzlefly77 mentioned in his prior post, Crypto may need the validation and interest of Governments and big banks. Then we may truly see the massive price predictions mentioned everywhere.

Hodl on!!

I think that the effect Covid-19 could put lower spectation, because there will be lower liquidity in the market,.

I think it will take less inflow of fiat for the market to keep the same price after the halving and the effects will be long lasting.

I think bitcoin’s price rally will start after a few months.

It’s hard to predict in my opinion. Too many conflicting opinions. Given that it’s only about 30 days away now, I prefer to just wait and see…

So many factors at play that impact the entire market but I can’t see a bullish scenario in the short term given all of the following;

  • barely any volume 30 days out from halving to give us enough momentum to crack the recent $13K top
  • we didn’t have futures at the last halving
  • there’s the whole theory about smaller miners capitulating (see Rekt Capital youtube video about that)
  • Bitfinex / Tether lawsuit
  • Recent class action lawsuit launched against exchanges & token issuers
  • impending Telegram appeal to SEC could have implications on other US projects
  • opportunity costs in equities for larger funds to invest in what will be a deeply discounted stock market

Defintely will, covid19 or not. Only matter is, when.

Long term, I’m bullish in bitcoin… No one can predict the price of bitcoin in short term.

–> I always believe in dollar averaging because no one knows how low it can go. I believe we can see a flash sale in crypto just like we saw in march. Covid might help us to get 30% discount in bitcoin and altcoins.

@mhodl has it spot on, in my opinion. In the month of May I see a small - medium pump (in crypto terms), then a slow decline through till September, then massive gains thereafter for months. I do think we’ll see regulations this year. Probably closer to US elections and after the tradition market takes a bigger dump, but …who knows for sure…I sure don’t. Will be fun to watch

I’m speculating Bitcoin would touch 30k by the end of this year if COVID19 doesn’t want to interrupt him. Short term on may 11th I would predict bitcoin would be around 8.2k ish.
Many people don’t know about Halving event, So when retail investors get educated on halving their FOMO and emotions will make them to invest. Guys investing is psychology game, In 2016, not even 50% of people know about halving but still price exploded to 20k.

This time people know about it and Fed keeps on printing more and more money. This BULL would be at a scale that we haven’t seen. Just my opinions guys. What do you think ?