Best project to invest under a dollar

So I Have a $500 i want to invest in a safest higest high risk reward project under a dollar. What do you guys suggest ?

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I think, investing in a single project is risky. It’s possible to loose all the money if the project fails.

I personally prefer to spread the investment risk in a few projects.

This is not financial advice.

I have risky spreaded, I have investments in chain link, ethereum , MCO, ENJin a couple other coins. I just have a little extra right now i want to put a little riskier coin

‘Under a dollar’ this doesn’t matter.

XRP is 24c yet is more expensive than BCH which is $250. don’t look at price to determine which coins are cheap as it means nothing

Do you watch the Sunday livestreams on Token Metrics YouTube channel ?

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My advice, this is what I did in 2017 with chainlink was look at the most utility into the future warren style. look at the team, the code everything and follow them do your homework and find something you think has good Mcap, Price, Utility, DURABILITY, because you need to be ready to walk away for a while… A coin like this I think Cosmos, its utility is deeply needed. connected blockchains. But do your research. Look for something with as low a price and diversify this risk over say 5 and walk away for a few months-years and follow the team don’t follow the price.

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$ada Is your bet imo

I can’t really say, given the criterias. I’ve only looked into a few myself, but projects such as ADA, VET, STX (Blockstack), VID, LINK, 0X, and ENJ are the ones I’m currently accumulating, aside from BTC and ETH.
Could be dead wrong, since I’m new-ish, but I have faith in them all, some for longer term than others.