Best place to purchase large variety of crypto?

Hi, I am trying to find an alternative to coinbase pro and bittrex for purchasing lesser known crypto. There seem to be so many crypocurrencies that are worth purchasing based on TA metrics but I am not able to do so because the above platforms do not support the coins. Any help is much appreciated!

If you want to be successful in this endeavor, you need to trade thru global exchanges (not U.S.) where email verification only is used and not KYC. The SEC saves you from yourself by listing many of these tokens as securities. The developers don’t feel like jumping thru the all these SEC hoops when there is a whole world out there they can deal with instead. The best way to get the tokens needed is to go with the large exchanges that do not accept US clients and do not do KYC verifications. Binance is a perfect example and the best one to start with. If you are U.S., or any other country that Binance has restrictions on, then you simply use a VPN. See my post here on how to do that. h t t p s:// I cant post a link so take out the spaces in the link to view it.

Its not difficult but its not exactly easy either. Nothing worth gaining is. Your financial goal in life should be to be an accredited investor but unable to prove it.