Best low Mcap coins

What are the top 10 best low market cap alt coins???

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You can find this by going to Token Metrics ratings page and adding a filter for low cap coins (under $10M market cap for example) and then sorting by grade.

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INSTAR ($3M market cap)

-200k+ KYC verified wallets/token holders (more than chainlink and most tokens on Binance)

-Multiple products with traction that allow individuals and organizations to perform market research and earn cryptos like INSTAR, EOS, DAI for participating in consensual data exchange

-Almost 50% of the circulating token supply is already staked with staking rewards coming:

-Recently invented and launched “Stake for SaaS” which allows market researchers to access enterprise grade survey tech with crypto micropayments for free by staking refundable collateral (Qualtrics did $300M+ revenue in 2019 and was recently acquired by SAP for $8B cash, they do not use blockchain or crypto micropayments)

-Team has been heads down and completely focused on building throughout the bear market and has already delivered more than the original whitepaper

-Ian rated INSTAR an All Star ICO but didn’t participate in the crowd sale

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