Basic Service, What Am I Paying For?

First, I enjoy watching some of the youtube videos. I like getting ideas. I don’t mind tipping you guys, but as for subscribing, I don’t understand what you’re offering. Possibly upgraded services are worthwhile but the basic service seems to be such a ripoff that I’m very hesitant to try an upgraded service. All I have access to is TM grades. Everything else is locked.

Below is the list of services Basic is afforded. I have the “ratings page.” If there are trading signals that aren’t locked, I haven’t found them. The individual tokens pages are MUCH less comprehensive than just going to coinmarketcap/coingecko.

What am I missing? What are you offering me for 19 dollars a month? How can I trust upgrading offers anything worthwhile at all? I’m happy to buy you all coffees, but if you want a legitimate subscription service to take off you have to offer value.

  • All Tokens

  • Ratings Page (holistic view of all tokens, organized by multiple categories)

  • Trading Signal

  • Individual Token Detail Pages (includes Summary, Markets)

  • Ability to add multiple personal portfolios (manually)

  • Weekly Insights / Newsletter

  • BASIC Network


And, no replies. No replies to my email to support either. Imagine investing with a site like this.

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I think this is a very important topic, people should be made aware of what they stand to gain.

I’ve read the article of TM Grade, which tells of 81 metrics used in the prediction algorithm.

I’m working on a prediction algorithm myself, but its not as complex, but it has tighter operational parameters.

But complexity doesn’t mean much to me, its about clarity.

And for clarity sake, the administration need to address Jeremy’s post… three months and no reply doesn’t look good