Basic Service, What Am I Paying For?

First, I enjoy watching some of the youtube videos. I like getting ideas. I don’t mind tipping you guys, but as for subscribing, I don’t understand what you’re offering. Possibly upgraded services are worthwhile but the basic service seems to be such a ripoff that I’m very hesitant to try an upgraded service. All I have access to is TM grades. Everything else is locked.

Below is the list of services Basic is afforded. I have the “ratings page.” If there are trading signals that aren’t locked, I haven’t found them. The individual tokens pages are MUCH less comprehensive than just going to coinmarketcap/coingecko.

What am I missing? What are you offering me for 19 dollars a month? How can I trust upgrading offers anything worthwhile at all? I’m happy to buy you all coffees, but if you want a legitimate subscription service to take off you have to offer value.

  • All Tokens

  • Ratings Page (holistic view of all tokens, organized by multiple categories)

  • Trading Signal

  • Individual Token Detail Pages (includes Summary, Markets)

  • Ability to add multiple personal portfolios (manually)

  • Weekly Insights / Newsletter

  • BASIC Network

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And, no replies. No replies to my email to support either. Imagine investing with a site like this.

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