ATOM vs XTZ - Which platform has the most profit potential?

At the moment, ATOM appears to have exited the top 20, so do people think that the potential upside of ATOM will be better than XTZ if one were to invest in it now? Or is XTZ a safer and still potentially a more profitable trade?

Both are good projects in my opinion long term. However Cosmos has on average scored higher long term on


Thanks. Appreciate the feedback!

Both are great projects. Finance 101 people lean on Tezos. However, Cryptoheads are more the side of Cosmos. My interest is in Cosmos there’s just more potential for this to bloom. I believe the market will reflect this in the future.

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At what point do you think this will happen? Any total market cap predictions?

They are targeting different sectors, personally I prefer ATOM over XTZ (to answer the question) however XTZ has a lot going for it given it has staking, governance and is also an STO platform.

I would invest in both the projects. However, I believe Tezos price will take over ATOM during long term because of Adoption.

I think they are both good long term projects. I am investing in both.

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Invest in BOTH and in 5 years we will get to see. ATOM might be Microsoft of Crypto and XTZ might become google of crypto. Who knows guys, only time will.


Right now I like cosmos more but with the time that could shift. Both great projects

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I vote for both as long term investment. Both projects have very good potential for future.

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ATOM and TEZOS are very undervalued. I believe ATOM has more potential than Tezos because of my reasoning below.

Cosmos is a decentralized network of independent parallel blockchains, each powered by BFT consensus algorithms like Tendermint consensus. The project positions itself as a decentralized network where many high-profile crypto- currency Dapps are building such as Binance Chain and many more. Due to user-friendly and openness, COSMOS SDK and Tendermint core will see more adoption in crypto space in future.