Are you for real?

Hey. After beeing a member for a few weeks now, it feels like you are sceaming people not helping…
Sending me links with affiliated links, and trying to make me earn mony by reffering you to my friends and family…WTF
1st example. You sending me mail with tips about bitcoins health are down to under 50% on Cristmas eve, and the truth is that it was Etherium that lost walue. while btc went skyrocking.
You spaming me whith new offers about bying into moore of your investment group. And setting it up so it seems so caring and loving family value.
It probaly moore like a family than it should be. Its about greed and envy.
Just like a normal family.
Get your shit straight. I see that its no answers or activity to this forum eighter. WTF are you guys about?