Are u a u mine?

Hello TM Fam,

I’ve been mining Helium (HNT) for awhile now with two hotspots. For a small network u need three so I ordered two RAK miners since Helium hotspots were sold out. Due to corona and other delays the RAK miners won’t be available until march of this year.

While researching LoFi miner antenna I learned about the MatchX 2 miner. The MatchX 2 works on LoFi like Helium except it has a longer reach (20km) and mines two coins Machine Xchange Coin (MXC) and Data Highway (DHX). MXC is a token under the Polkadot umbrella. It’s currently listed at $0.01 but once Polkadot launches expect it to gain value. DHX is not yet listed.

With Helium network HNT valued at $2.98 the more hotspots u have the more u earn. The drawback is, the hotspots all have to be 200m away from each other. With MatchX u can have up to five miners and they can be side by side. Aside from HNT and MXC I also mine XMR with an old laptop. If u didn’t know or forgot, Monero is one of the few coins u can still mine with a computer. My question is…Do u mine? If so which coin or token? What type of hardware miner? For those of u who mine HNT how much more do u earn with 3 hotspots?


I’m looking at the alternatives to the OG Helium hotspot as well, specifically at a RAK miner, but the closest hotspot to me is 1km away, so I’m not sure if getting two RAKs would be profitable or not.

The hotspots all mine the same regardless of brand. The RAK miners are cheaper but they’re in back orders until march. If u buy a 2nd hotspot and it’s on your personal network u earn more even if the distance is further. My hotspots are almost 5km apart and still do high numbers.

$350 per RAK miner is cheaper than the MatchX 2 miner?

Helium website says that hotspots need to be within 300m distance of another hotspot to earn significant HNT, but are you saying they also have to be 200m away from each other, so ideally between 200m - 300m away from the next closest miner?

The hotspots don’t transmit correctly of they’re under 200m apart. The signals interfere with each other. As for maximum profit based of distance, you should ask in the helium discord channel. Mine are on one network so they work together (1 issues a challenge, the other is a witness) regardless of distance. If u buy two u need a second home for the hotspot.