Anyone receive the air drop of 888,888 KICK tokens?

I was looking in my trust wallet where I hold alot of SHAT coins and noticed I had received 888,888 KICK coins about (~$6.00) worth. They are locked/frozen but can be used on an exchange. Anyone else receive these tokens? What are your thoughts?

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Publicity token. Steer clear!

Scam coin. Steer away from kick token because it will kick you :slight_smile:


I was excited when I noticed them in my MetaMask wallet as well. But that quickly was deflated when I found out that they get released as a “bonus” by trading your own money on KickEx. It works like a bonus on a poker site, the more you play the more of those crumbs you get. In my opinion it’s rubish.

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I did register with them, but I have not received my Air drop

They require you to send value to a central entity to "unlock’ them… Think about that for a second. Then read below:

this is a scam

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Nope. Its a SCAM :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

Kick is obvious scam. Pumpers and dumpers. They ask you for the KYC to steal your information to make quick bucks.

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It is a scam. Don’t go for it

Yes I received them on my ETH wallet. Although the quantity is high the value is low. So you either buy more or wait for the tokens price to rise enough for it to be traded. Right now you can trade KICK on Kucoin.