Any thoughts on VI token? Social media where the end user get's payed for placing content

Hot under the radar investing opportunity or the next “shiny object” of the month?


I got tipped by a friend about a cryptocurrency project called VID that goes under the token VI

It’s an app users can download on their phone. They can make and place video’s on the platform.
It looks very similar as TikTok but in this case the people who make the video’s can earn VI tokens.

Their website say’s: “The secret’s out…While you’ve been mindlessly scrolling, tech companies have made trillions of dollars off your time and attention. You’ve been programmed to make money for them. Now it’s time to get some of that value back. Users deserve to get paid.”

Their website is:

The value of the token has increased significantly within the last 2 months. I have a friend who already earned $350 just by making and placing video’s.

Their token is traded on Kucoin.

Could this one rival tiktok? Any thoughts and opinions welcome.

I haven’t looked at this project yet. But historically speaking, projects like this have not performed well long-term.

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Ok thanks for your opinion. So I beter leave this. I got tipped by a friend who was excited about the idea that you can get paid to place content on social media. Neither facebook, instagram, tiktok etc. do not pay their members for placing content. He earned around $350 in VID tokens in a period of 2 months pacing 2 video’s a day.