Any interesting staking models?

Are there any interesting staking models besides the typical staking rewards?

For example, Insights Network (INSTAR) created a new “Stake for SaaS” that provides free access to enterprise grade survey software powered by blockchain on top of traditional rewards.

Would love to discover any other projects that offer something extra like this!

Here’s a blogpost on INSTAR Staking Rewards with free access to blockchain powered survey software:

Seems like great news!

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While not really a staking model, what Ampleforth is doing is getting a lot of buzz. They have a rebase that changes the supply daily. In a way, it’s a form of staking/air drops for changes in the network.

Thanks Ian!

It’s definitely an interesting concept that’s very popular right now but I’m a bit hesitant to get involved.

Any thoughts on “Stake for SaaS” by Insights Network (INSTAR) or feedback on their recent blogpost? It seems like an extremely disruptive concept with high potential to compete with legacy survey software giants like Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey. It definitely adds to their token utility that is already strong in comparison to most projects…

I think “Stake for SaaS” is an interesting tokenized business concept/added benefit for token holders that can be used to compete with other subscription services