AMA: New entrant monthly budget % across long and mid/short?

I was due to start my monthly €250 DCA today but I have been unsure exactly which coins to invest in and at what percentage so I am going to wait until after the live stream tonight.

I understand that there is a portfolio option available to Tokenmetrics members, and I understand there is risk involved, but for the best return and sound investment for a new entrant, should I say lock a certain amount of my monthly investment budget to 30% BTC, 20% to higher risk coins that I see a future in like ADA, DIA, and VET, and then split the remaining 50% across the portfolio generated by tokenmetrics, adjusting holdings and new investment budget each month to match any change in the model? Or is the best solution more like 10% on high risk coins I believe in long term, 90% split across the Tokenmetrics model?

We plan to launch the new Quant and Trader grades before Thanksgiving, alongside new indices. I would wait until that launches to fully maximize the platform.

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Ian, I watched around the first two hours of the live stream last night but it was late here in Ireland so I will have to find the recording for the rest - I am very excited about the new Quant release, Trader balanced monthly already has a 70% ROI so I am interested to see what you have come up with - and the academy sounds great also! :slight_smile:

Regarding my question, I see that you go a ways to answering rebalancing on the Token Metrics AI Indices Launch video where you respond to someone but I made a suggestion on another’s user’s post in the admin forum ‘Rebalancing the indices’, please review it.

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