Algorand adoption

With the likes of Silvio Micali, Will Algorand continue to attract institutional investors.

Their Pure Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol coupled with the Verifiable Random Function (VRF) takes the blockchain trilemma head-on, solving for scalability, security, and decentralization through a unique set of features that appeals to enterprises and DApp developers alike.

It looks like an interesting concept, below video, is very interesting


Thanks again for all the great info srikanth, it’s the one project I haven’t researched in-depth so this will definitely help

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This is one of the project i am very bullish about. I really like the project and i believe it will be one of those that can lead to adoption. You cannot go wrong with the staking rewards either.

I just think the the massive inflation rate will stop the coins price from ever increasing. If you read the new tokenomics paper, the higher the price the coin is the more inflation there will be.

It will rise in market cap but I don’t think it’l rise in price