30 Day Price Predictions

I was looking through TM price predictions on various coins, and many if not most predict around 20% price drops over the next 30 days.

Forrest and Bill seem to be increasingly bearish following last month’s crash. How’s everyone else using this information?

i went with dot i was holding cro before i came across them and ada. i know we are in a c wave when it comes to btc on the week chart and we cut into the 1st wave. So all is up in the air

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I hope you’re right— I have quite a bit of DOT and ADA.

More than anything I’m wondering if I should keep my powder dry until later in the summer if TM’s anticipating another big drawdown. No one knows for sure, but I’m betting they know more than I do :sweat_smile:

do u see anything that isnt bearish when using the platform?

I’m admittedly new to the platform, so I don’t know what’s normal. There does seem to be a marked shift in tone coming from the public-facing folks though— understandable given recent events, but I was surprised to see the across the board bearishness in the price forecasts.

i signed up last night and still navigating through it all. i see indices recommending but when i click on the coin is bearish. maybe i would have to get all the coins that the indices are recommending and have a overall average.

I did find an earlier thread where folks were complaining about similar issues with quant grades. Maybe it’s a bug?

to be honest when they took 500 billion out the market that was a indicator that we are in a bear market. and from listening to the team the program is best used in this use case scenario where you can find projects with good fundamentals with out having to read alot of white papers like we are college professor.

does the team show how we can do some farming or stacking. i thought i was going to receive text alerts and be part of a private group? i think they may be getting ready for the conference in Miami

Not that I’ve seen, but there could be some content like that I’m not aware of. There is a lot of content to that effect from other sources, but hopefully they’ll give it the TM treatment soon.

If you’re looking to get into chia farming, there’s a video series on YouTube from a user called Sloth Tech (there’s also a discord) that I’ve found very helpful while I’m working on setting up my first rig.

thanks i will look into it. My Wife wont be so happy though. i keep coming up with something new. i started this journey with ian mentioning hnt. i bought a couple of miners and sold them to be able to afford to play over here now the market is sideways. However under ratings they projected some good returns on dot in the next 30 days. Is that tab accurate?

No idea, since DOT also gets bad grades elsewhere on the platform. That’s one that the TM guys (and analysts elsewhere) seem especially bullish on long term though. Hoping they work out the kinks or at least give us some kind of credit in the meantime.

When did you order your HNT miners? Were you able to put them to use before selling them? I have some on the way, hopefully I’ll have at least the Bobcat this month.

I know how you feel, we all looked a lot smarter to our spouses between January and mid-May :joy:

i bought mine march 3rd and 25th. i never got a chance to set one up and the person who purchased it is now requesting a refund from eBay after they have had it for 2 weeks saying it will not sync. the miner is a bobcat. my wife is not happy with me at this point but i guess its best to ask for forgiveness then permission. By the way I ordered from bobcat. i checked their twitter and they rolled out a update yesterday.

Awesome, looks like I’m the next batch.

Sorry to hear about the troubles with yours. I guess we can all expect some amount of trial and error while we try new things.

im just glade i didnt buy a new computer or blow the money on crypto. i do wish that i bought the dip on the 23rd of last month. Matic came back with a vengence.

It’s psychologically hard to buy the dips sometimes, especially when the dips keep dipping. Whatever ends up happening this cycle, I’m confident you’ll be vindicated in the longrun!

do u mind looking at snx for me i am confused. Under TA it says that its bullish but the chart under states its bearish.

Doesn’t make sense to me either. They even give it a poor grade a month in the past, at a time when they were talking it up. I’ve decided to wait a few days before buying anything else, but I personally like SNX, have a lot of it and am not selling. Not financial advice.

Hey yall…
Great subject for a thread! Unfortunately I’m very new to Token Metrics so i dont have any great wisdom to offer.
Searching through the 30 Day Price Predictions tab is fun but really… How reliable is it?
Because if its really reliable then the answer is simple just flip your portfolio into a few of the highest percentages profits with the highest Mcap and we make profit right! RIGHT?

True, you gotta take it with a grain of salt no matter what it says!