1Million in crypto

What would you do if you make 1 million dollars in cryptocurrency ? Explain briefly ?

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Lambo Lambo I will get my Lambo… To the moooooooooooooonnnnnn…

I would go for a wold trip.

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I would keep reinvesting it for the long term. Branch out into other sectors so as to not put all my eggs in one basket. If not, $1M won’t last as long as one would think.

Hodl on!


100% agree with you on this!

At that point I would allocate some part for wealth conservation and allocate a part to change the world in positive way
Finally allocate some minor part to aggressively grow it. Innovation technology

hello fam! i am just too new to the crypto world…can someone help me please from where to start and what all to invest into as of now …thanks

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Invest only what you are affording to lose. Crypto is highly volatile market, anything could happen anytime. Before you invest think of this

—> How would you feel if you are down by 80% of your investment ?
—> Do you really believe in what you invest ?
—> Whats your goal of investment, long term, short term, day trading or swing trading ?
—> Are you going to have some disposable cash to buy some dips ?
—> Learn about blockchain when you have some free time if you are new to this space

If you have 2000$ to invest now and if you are a new bee
My investment would be below:

Bitcoin - $200
Ethereum - $200
XRP - $100
ADA - $100
XTZ - $100
ATOM - $100
ICX - $100
MCO,CRO - $100

Once you invest, let your coins work for you just by staking
ICX -16%
ATOM - 10%
CRO - 16%
XTZ -7%

Remaining $1000 as disposable cash to buy dips. Earn ways to make free passive income just by what you are doing now.

Also I agree with @Sharal advice

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If I have a million dollars,
I would buy two rental properties with 500k property and rent it out make it a good source of income just like $3000 - $4000 a month.
200k in gold and silver.
50k again in crypto when it goes down.

Save 150k as disposable cash just to buy the dips :muscle:


thanks so much roboh!! i am still trying to understand stuff, i am planning to invest 5000 overall, but shall devide as suggested by you and other members!! this help is a lot to me brother…just dont no what all wallets do support all these coins in india…shall come to a conclusion soon!!

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