$10k to $100k using crypto in the shortest time possible

@TokenMetrics, @diaryofamademan and forum members: what are your suggestions for growing your portfolio from $10k to $100k in the shortest time possible?

Hey Jason, I think your best bet will be to follow Token Metrics indices and ratings as well as our youtube [channel] for market insights and analysis. We can not guarantee a 10x, but anything can happen in crypto and if so many other people have done it, why can’t you!

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As a crypto buyer since 2015, I can tell you that making money will not be the problem. When the markets cycle up, and you’re in the game, you will make money and lots of it. Your issue is going to be how and when to capture those profits so you would do yourself a great service in learning how to manage the exit game before you need it. I think TM will help you earn the paper money, but their models are not forward looking enough to help decide when a top is in. I rode 200K up to 1.4 million in 2017 and then rode it right back down to 200K. I’ve since recovered 70% of that, but I am trying to learn how to dynamically dollar cost average in and out based on the historical volatility of the token. TM has the data and the smarts. I would really like to see them add a feature that shows historical volatility bands around a token so we can see incrementally, (maybe 5 ranges on each side of the mean) so we can judge how overbought or oversold a token is based on historical volatility instead of just the local or current volatility.