100k BTC by end of 2021?

I recently watched the live stream with Ian and Tommy Lee and Tommy predicted that BTC could reach 100k by the end of 2021. Personally, I think this forecast is far too optimistic but would be interested to get Bill, Ian’s or anyone else’s views on this.


What are his indicators and parameters for his prediction or is it mere speculation?

Can we see this from the data? I m not so bullish about such rise in price but anything can happen.


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Yes it was mere speculation to be honest based on what has happened in previous cycles.

I lean more towards your point of view to be honest. Don’t think it is probable or likely but as you said, ‘anything can happen’ I guess…

I think he was very optimistic as well. It’s hard to predict a price for end of 2021. However if BTC increases post halving like with future halvings, there is a case to be made for $50k BTC by 2022 before experiencing a pull back. Still only speculation however.

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I think 100k can be reached if upper bull case.
More median target is 40-60k indeed. You should look for a minimum of 2x from ath.

In all honesty, you better off invested in $eth - where I see a 7x from ath.

Plan B predicts BTC price (given 19M BTC in 2020–2024) of $288K.